2012 to 2013 List Poems!

Here’s mine.  Your job is to write your own!  Each section has to have at least six items….and can be more!  Be unique and creative!

Add yours as a comment to this post.  🙂

In 2012….

Brian went to high school

we rescued seven more kittens

we hatched 16 new chicks…. and gave away 13 chickens

Barak Obama was elected president again

I made 3 new quilts

I became a Google Certified Teacher

got 23 stitches put in my gums

and asked 5th graders about their books 3,000 times

In 2013 I hope for…

Zach to get into his choice of college

happy students

beach walks

rescued kittens

more technology (Chromebook!)

romantic dinners with my husband

healthy family and pets

Colony Blog Sofia

Today was so great! The fishers couldn’t go out today, so we got a little less food, but we had plenty anyways. The hunting crew brought in the most prey, and the farmers’ crops came in second, because the crops were wilting a little bit, but it was okay. Today was the first day we decided to trade with the Indians. The first time we asked them, in the beginning of the day, they handed out a horrible deal that we did not take. It was ” 200 meals for 5 horses from us” I didn’t think it was a good deal because horses are worth more than that, but the real reason is that we want land. So the second time we tried a trade, in the afternoon, there was a great deal. The trade was lots of land for 6 guns. We had 14 guns, last time I checked, so after the trade, we had 8. Later that day, a ship came into the harbor, looking all battered up. The captain said that they had just gone through a huge storm. We were worried for a while that the storm would keep coming east, and we would be right in the middle. But we just kept on working way at their boat, my job was to patch up all the holes on the tween deck. When we were done, the ship’s captain gave us 10 guns! Now we have 18, which will be perfect to trade when we are in need of food. Today was a great day!


Today we did splash lab. Splash lab is traveling lab that travel school, to school.Since it was raining, they had to do it in our class room. They divide us into groups. My group talked about pollution and how stuff washes down the storm drains into the ocean. There are four groups.Two other of the groups had models, and the last group had the microscopes.We also learned some animals can’t survive with too much salt or too less salt in the ocean. I have to say, I work better with models and diagrams. But it was fun!

12/19/12 Sonja

Today we did a thing called Splash Lab some of you guys might know about and some of you may have heard of it and some of have not anyway, I was in the Microscope Group which I realllllllly wanted to be in that group! Ok so let me restart, the most important thing I learned was well we talked allot about as you can see microscopes so the answer would be learning about what different micros affects are to water.I think splash lab was by far one of  the best things that I have done yet at school.There was one other interesting thing one of the paramecia was huge! It looked like a big finger but atctually in real life it was smaller than a centimeter.We called it Big Mama.Big thanx to my science teacher Mrs Esponosa I would not have been able to enjoy this if it were not for her!

Splash Lab By Sofia

Today, we had splash lab! It was so fun! Splash lab is an RV that comes to schools so kids can have jobs to learn about water. My job was the computer job, which was where you had to get on a computer and there was a map on the screen. You could add lines and dashes to represent roads and reservoirs and stuff. Olivia, Evan and Gustavo were in my group. we answered questions an audio recording gave us, and then wrote it down on a piece of paper. We could zoom in with a little button that has a + sign on it. Also, the computers were touchscreen, which made it more entertaining!



Me – The station that I worked in for the wonderful trailer Splash Lab was the life around the estuaries. We learned about what pollutants effect the estuaries and about what an estuary is. We got to look at various skulls of animals and see weather or not it is a carnivore, herbivore, or a omnivore. We got to check out other stations at the end and the whole thing was very teaching and fun. The microscope looked really fun and we saw a tiny bit of the microscopic life in algea. I think that it would be a great expiriment for the upcoming fifth graders and I thought it was all astonishing! less…

12/18/12 Splash Lab

Today we did something special called, “Splash Lab.” Splash Lab is a way of learning about water. There are different groups you can be in for different things to learn about. I was in a group called, “Water Conservation.” It taught me different ways to conserve water, for instance, abridge your showering time. Also, another important thing that I learned was what a aqueduct is, and what a reservoir is. An aqueduct is basically a pipe that carries water across a river or a valley. A reservoir is a place where water is stored for use, like in a community. Something that also crossed my mind was if you do something called the “military shower,” it could save hundreds of gallons a year. I thought that the Splash Lab unit was a great way to learn about water because you get to learn about it physically and mentally. I had a great day because of Splash Lab! I hope we get to do again soon!